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There are approximately a billionty people throwing their names it the hat for president in ‘16, but a Spaniard who can’t even run beats them all on one important record: American wins, dude. Marquez has never lost a MotoGP race on American soil, which now includes three wins at Indianapolis Motor Speedway alone.

Marquez made a late-race pass on Jorge Lorenzo to win his third straight race at Indianapolis. While Marquez started from the pole position, Lorenzo jumped out in front at the start of the race, forcing Marquez to figure out a way around him for the win. Only 0.688 of a second separated the two at the end of the race.


“In the beginning I was able to follow [Lorenzo] well, but then mid-race I was struggling a little bit,” Marquez said in an Indianapolis Motor Speedway press release. “I was a half second, six-tenths behind him. But then, at the end, I saw that the only chance to try to attack was to try to surprise him. In the end, we must be happy because we won the race.”

Surprise! That’s an emotion I haven’t felt that in writing up a Marquez win for a while, particularly on an American circuit. Dude is a beast.


Sunday’s win gave the two-time MotoGP World Champion his his fifth total win at Indianapolis, including Moto2 wins in 2011 and 2012.

Formula One’s Michael Schumacher is the only other person who has won three or more races in a row at Indianapolis. Schumacher, too, had a well-earned reputation for winning basically everything for a while.

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