Kourosh Mansory is insane — for weight savings! There's no other explanation for his carbon-fiber makeover of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, called the Mansory Cormeum. It's 200lbs lighter than a regular SLS, and looks like something Boeing threw up.


The Mansory body kit includes a lighter-weight roof and doors, front splitter with oversized inlets, side skirts and a downforce-enhancing rear spoiler with carbon flaps, and fenders that widen the SLS's stance by 66 mm at the front and 84 mm at the rear. A kit of springs and dampers lower the SLS by 20 mm, and Mansory's engine tuning — no details — pushes the SLS to 651 hp, with an 800hp kit optional.

The name? According to eMercedesBenz, It comes from Patrick Cassidy's haunting aria Vide cor Meum. Fitting, since it'll be haunting Geneva Motor Show visitors for weeks.

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