Mano-a-Mano: Team Polizei, Torquenstein Tie for First in Gumball 3000

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We're a bit late with the news (when does "news" become just "information"?). Team Polizei and Torquenstein (who drove in previous rallies dressed in executioner's get-up and, in a prior Gumball, did endos in his Dodge Viper) cruised together in first place to the Gumball 3000 finish line on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles the past weekend. Looks like all that strenuous technical preparation paid off for Team Polizei, and the switch from an E39 M5 to a Bentley Continental GT didn't seem to hurt them in the least. Sadly, Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing was DOA.

Team Polizei and Torquenstein celebrates their victory [Gumball 3000]

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