Manic James Bond Fan Pays $350,000 For Wrecked Aston Martin DBS

If you'll remember, back in April a stunt driver for the latest James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, lost control of a brand spankin' new Aston Martin DBS, plunging it into Italy's Lake Garda. According to Daniel Craig, the actor playing 007, a rabid fan has snapped up the remnants of that car for a cool £200,000 — about $350,000 in 'merican play money. Keep in mind a DBS off the showroom floor runs about $200 grand, so that's a whopping pile of change to claim the rights to a wrecked and waterlogged automobile which won't even show up on the silver screen. We've seen fit to toss in the video of the leftovers, just to rub salt in the wound. [Luxist]


Rob Emslie

Perhaps he thinks it's full of cool spy gear that he can salvage. I mean, who wouldn't want an ejector passenger seat?