How would you react if your fancy new Jaguar XJ was partially melted by the death ray-like heat reflected off a London skyscraper? If you're businessman Martin Lindsay, you're pretty cool about it, actually.

Yesterday we told you the story of the Walkie-Talkie skyscraper in London's financial district whose curved, reflective design has forced passers-by to shield their eyes and has melted cars like a microwave oven.

Today, BBC News tracked down Lindsay, the owner of the unfortunate and partially-melted XJ. In this interview, he has a surprisingly good attitude about things, considering what happened.


Lindsay said the door handle, plastic parts around the window, side mirror, and other areas were melted beyond recognition. "The heat must have been tremendous," he said.

He says that unless a helpful photographer had clued him in, he never would have guessed the skyscraper melted the car, and would have assumed that the car itself was somehow at fault.


The good news is that the skyscraper's developers have agreed to pay for the repairs to his Jaguar. In the meantime, three parking bays have been closed while the city investigates how to fix the problem.

Lindsay didn't seem to harbor any ill will, despite the damage to his car. "It's a lovely building, and it's unfortunate things do go wrong with buildings sometimes," he told the BBC.


Click here to listen to the full interview.