Man Unloads Rifle At Police In Insane Dash Cam Video

Police in Middlefield, Ohio today released patrol camera video of a suspect who jumped out of his car and unloaded a semi-automatic rifle at two officers during a traffic stop in March.


TV station WKYC has a better copy of the video on their website. The man, 42-year-old James L. Gilkerson, was shot and killed by the officers when they exited the car to return fire.

WKYC says that two officers pulled Gilkerson over, although news reports don't say why. Within a few seconds he was out of the car and firing at their cruiser. The station wisely edited out the scene where Gilkerson was killed by return fire, but he can be heard screaming "Kill me" at the officers before he was taken down.


One of the officers was shot in the hand, and the other was shot in the leg. Both are recovering from their injuries.

If you've ever wondered why some police officers seem nervous during routine traffic stops, this is why.

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Dude sounded pretty desperate. Life can suck, life can be tough and bad thoughts can seem pretty logical when the world is caving in, but there is no excuse for getting others hurt like this. Sometime I think we need a mandated national holiday called "national sitting down and thinking shit through" day. Basically its just free access to national and state parks as well as mental health clinics.