Tornadoes fling cars around like a kid flicks a freshly picked booger. How this guy survived an airborne tornado adventure in his car boggles the mind.

A series of tornadoes struck across the country this week as the weather has gone nuts. The Weather Channel's website is relishing this.

One of the tornadoes struck in Missouri Wednesday evening as Steve Schoo was driving home. He says "I saw these two rollaway dumpsters fly across the street, and then the next thing I know, my car is moving sideways a little bit and then there was a big impact, it felt like, and I just started tumbling."

His car was picked up and flung into the parking lot of a nearby Dollar General. He didn't even get hurt. That's incredible.


Pro tip: If there's a tornado and you're driving, try not to drive into it, if you have the choice.

(Hat Tip to @landaudc!)