Man Sleeping In Dumpster Gets Compacted By Garbage Truck And Lives

Some poor bastard had apparently been sleeping in a dumpster when a garbage truck picked it up, dumped its contents and the man into its compactor, and then kicked him loose in a landfill along with all the rotten fruit, dirty diapers, and other unpleasantries of a trash container.


Miraculously the unidentified 28-year-old who was caught in the machine was taken to a Baltimore hospital with "non life-threatening injuries." according to Fox Baltimore.

WUSA9 says the man was conscious and told authorities "ten to fourteen others" were in the dumpster with him, but after what's being called a "thorough search" nobody was able to find any evidence that others were trapped.

CBS Baltimore says firefighters dug through "15 tons of trash" to search for victims.

"Down on your luck" doesn't begin to do the victim of this incident justice. Here's to hoping he gets attention from social services while receiving treatment for his injuries.


Hat tip to Meta! Image: Jeffery Beall/Flickr

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