Man-Seeking-Ferrari: $1.3 Million Enzo Listed On Craigslist

It seems Texas is awash with for-sale super cars, with a Veyron for sale in Midland and now a $1.3 million Ferrari Enzo listed on Craigslist alongside used workout equipment and guys seeking sex with people dressed as clowns.


This 2003 Ferrari Enzo is on sale at Ruf Auto Centre on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. For comparison, there's another red 2003 Enzo for sale on the DuPont Registry for $1.39 million and has more than twice the 2,993 miles on this particular Rosso Corsa Red Enzo. Sure, you can get more cars for the money, but it's hard to get more car for the money — at least on Craigslist.

Yeehaw! Let's make a deal!


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