E-Type [e-tahyp] noun. 1. An elegant, phallic grand tourer often found in the garages of the rich and famous. 2. What pulled up on the right in "Dead Man's Curve." 3. Something you ditch on eBay in mass quantities. Huh?

This ad appeared on eBay Motors this week. It is a listing for twelve — yes, twelve — Jaguar E-Types, all of which are in need of restoration. The seller claims that they will only be sold as a lot. There are eight days left on the auction. The starting bid is $200,000, and the listing was posted under the category "Jaguar: X-Type." Which both makes perfect sense (E-types were sold as XK-Es in some markets, including ours) and no sense at all.

Staring at all this, we can't help but feel impossibly normal.

If you're interested, take a knee: To coin a phrase, we suggest you bring a (very large, very oil-proof) trailer. And a healthy dose of masochism. And a bunch of Joe Lucas jokes. And a copy of Norman Dewis's excellent autobiography. And this picture:


...because an E-type's rear suspension is both fun and painful and the kind of thing that can destroy a good man's soul. And many, many bottles of the beer with the best name ever. And a small statue of this guy, because he's the patron saint of desperate causes. And a very healthy multimeter. And a lot of Oil-Dri. And a book of common prayer. And...

(Hat tip to Spence!)

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