Man Pulls Cop Over, Busts His Illegal Unmarked Car

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Citizens initiating traffic stops on police officers — hey, why not! Cops aren't above the law, and sometimes they need to get called out. Self-proclaimed "liberty speaker" and failed Congressional candidate Gavin Seim recently did just that, and instead of getting arrested or shot, won himself some Internet glory.


In his latest YouTube video, the Washington State-based activist flagged down a Grant County sheriff's deputy in a white Dodge Charger because he claimed the deputy's unmarked vehicle was illegal under state law.


That law says "it is unlawful for any public officer having charge of any vehicle owned or controlled by any county, city, town, or public body in this state" to go unmarked. It makes an exception for law enforcement vehicles used for "special undercover or confidential investigative purposes," but the officer in this video admits he's in a patrol car.

To his credit, the bewildered eventually deputy hands over some ID to prove he is who he says he is. He also just kind of laughs when Seim says he's "not gonna write [him] up today," and just accepts the activist's stern warning to stop using the car.

Just so we're completely clear, this deputy and his department should be more clear on who's allowed to use unmarked vehicles.

But it all ends pretty good for Seim and his angry, high-minded, self-serving "look what a fucking YouTube hero I am" approach to standing up for liberty. He just as well could have been arrested for interfering with public duties or some similar charge.


Or had his ass kicked. That happens too.

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