Man Pulled Over For Doing Paltry 140 MPH In Fastest Car In The World

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We were sent a tip, from Canada, claiming that a man in a Chevy Malibu was busted going 226 KPH, or 140 MPH, on a highway in Nova Scotia. I immediately discounted this, as the thought of any Malibu doing 140 is frankly absurd, let alone in Canada. But then I saw the buried lead. It was a rental.

The fastest car in the world.


(I should probably note that Motor Trend, the home for all of your numbers-based Chevy Malibu needs, says that the Malibu Turbo will actually top out at 155 MPH, but who, I ask, WHO, has ever done 155 in a Chevy Malibu?????? Maybe Jason Torchinsky. But that man is a demon.)

From the venerable Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, from Canada, which is in Canada:

"Despite slippery winter road conditions yesterday morning, one driver was in a hurry exceeding the posted speed limit by 126 km/h," RCMP Cpl. Mark Kellock said in a statement on Tuesday.


The unnamed driver, who was clearly just traveling at a speed well within the acceptable limits of the fastest car in the world, was charged with "stunting." Urban Dictionary defines "stunting" as being someone you aren't, and I totally understand the sentiment of the Mounties with this one. The rental could've probably gone well over 300, even 400 miles per hour, and by only doing a mere 140, it was clearly not being true to itself.

The cops were not heard to have been encouraging the driver to "give it some stick next time" when he was pulled over.


Also, the driver's license was suspended.

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Sir HoonsAlot

As Top Gear proved yesterday, speed limits should be 112 mph