Illustration for article titled Man Makes Worlds Oldest Trade-in: A 1929 Ford Truck For Two 2012 Ford Trucks

A Santa Barbara, Calif. Ford dealership got a bit of a surprise when a customer came in with a run-of-the-mill Chevrolet Silverado and a 1929 Ford pickup. He wanted to trade them in for two 2012 Ford F-150 pickups.


Ford said the 83-year-old truck is the oldest trade in they could find in their records.

The dealership's general manager, Walter Alfaro, hasn't decided whether or not he'll put the truck up for sale. For the time being, he has some pretty sweet eye candy for the showroom floor. Personally, I'd have to be pretty desperate for a usable work truck to actually go through with getting rid of a clean looking classic like that.


Photo credit: Wardsauto

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