Man Launches His BMW Into the Air Ahead of a Slovakian Tunnel Like This is Grand Theft Auto

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Every so often, you see something so incredibly unbelievable that you have to wonder if you didn’t just witness a glitch in reality. There’s currently a video of a 44-year-old Slovakian man launching his vehicle into the air making its rounds on the interwebs, and it’s definitely one of those “oh my god that’s impossible” moments.

It’s next to impossible to describe what goes on in this video—mostly because it’s going to leave you speechless the first few watch-throughs. Take a look:


This human being behind the wheel hits a bit of concrete that acts like a ramp, launching his vehicle—in a 360 degree flip, I might add—into the top of a tunnel like this is Grand Theft Auto and not actually real life, where this kind of stuff should be physically impossible.

According to Newsweek, the man behind escaped the wild accident with no serious injuries—nothing more than some bumps and bruises. He also passed sobriety tests with flying colors. Local police are assuming “he went into a microsleep” (an interesting turn of phrase, if you ask me). It’s still unsure of how fast he was driving at the time of the accident.


This whole thing is pretty miraculous, if you ask me. Police have opted against releasing the driver’s name, but I’d be interested to hear things from his side of the story.

In the meantime, I’m just going to watch this video on repeat-one, jaw agape.