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Listen: Sometimes, a one-man marijuana and ecstasy-fueled foam party in your underpants just has to happen, even if that means it happens on the official plane used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


That's exactly what went down recently while Merkel's plane was parked in a supposedly closed off military section of the Cologne airport when a Turkish bodybuilder named "Volkan T." sneaked onboard and "proceeded to stage a raucous, one-man party," according to a report in Germany's Der Spiegel.

The newspaper reports that Volkan stripped down to his underwear, sprayed fire extinguisher foam all over the plane's interior, released the emergency slide on the plane, and proceeded to have just a generally awesome motherfuckin' time as he danced on the wing while clutching a bag full of ecstasy pills and weed.


Now, German officials are reevaluating their security procedures as they try to determine how this happened exactly. A government report recommends "Germany needs to tighten up procedures for protecting its government jets," the story says. Ya think?

As for Volkan T., he was arrested that night after he triggered an alarm while playing with the cockpit buttons. He refused to come out of the plane for several hours until police dogs were sent in, which bit him on the legs and caused him to surrender. (The Germans don't mess around.)

His antics caused $133,720 in damage to the plane, and he has been in a psychiatric hospital ever since.

How do you say "Sorry for partying" in German?

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