Man Gets Run Over By His Own Truck While Trying To Stop It With His Feet

In The Flintsones, which was the first ever reality TV show, Fred Flintstone drove a car that was stopped by foot power. Those brakes have long since become obsolete, replaced by discs behind the wheels.

But one man in Massachusetts tried to use his feet to stop his car when his real brakes failed. Not only did he get run over because of it, but he also got a ticket. Whoops!


Brian Reynolds had a brake failure in his truck while he was going downhill. And like anyone that had watched The Flintstones closely as a child, he knew what to do: He stuck his foot out the driver's side door to slow down the car.

It didn't really work. He turned right and fell out of the truck, which then ran over his left leg. The truck then kept on a rollin and hit a fire hydrant. Reynolds was amazingly barely injured, with just a little road rash and a minor leg injury.

The real kick to the groin came afterwards: Reynolds was issued a $35 ticket for driving with defective equipment.

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