Man Gets Off on Cars... Literally

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Taking Cadillac's new theme a bit too far, Sandy Wong of Edmonton gets seriously turned on by new cars. So much so that he was arrested for "shifting his gears" or "toying with his iDrive" on the roof of a brand new BMW 328i during a Canadian Home and Garden Show (imagine if it had been an M3). Later he was seen "rotating his tires" into the window of the car before police showed up and a cleaning crew was dispatched.

Apparently, he's also admitted he gets aroused by certain cars such as the 1967 Camaro, 1955 Chevy Bel Air and the 1991 Buick Century (which is just sick). According to a psychiatrist, Wong claims to be sexually attracted to the BMW roof's top because "It's curved like a woman's body, the sex appeal, it felt good." Wong has been ordered to follow a strict curfew for the length of his probation. No word yet on whether BMW will file for a restraining order.

We need a shower now. [Edmonton Sun]

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Someone should just take the moniker "Sandy Wong"...kudos to the new commenter who makes so bold a choice!