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In my day job as a police reporter, I once met a man who was complaining to the state that his criminal record showed three DWI arrests in the same day. Obviously it was an error, he told me, and after investigating a little bit I found he was correct. No one could get more than one drunken driving arrests in the same day. Right?


Well, it turns out that this man, Niles Gammons of Urbana, Ohio, managed to pull that off. According to this report from WHIO-TV, last Sunday around 1:08 a.m. Gammons was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and released with a summons to appear in court later that week. (He had pennies in his mouth to try and beat the breath test, which just doesn't work.)

But some folks just don't have any luck. An hour later but at the exact same time thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time and the fall back, Gammons nearly backed into a police cruiser. The cop at the wheel? The same officer who nailed him an hour ago!


This time, Gammons was arrested and again found to be over the legal limit to drive, and was charged a second time, according to WHIO-TV.

I'm just really surprised that he was given a field release citation the first time. That's unusual for drunken driving cases because obviously, the suspect is just going to get behind the wheel again.

Aside from that, what do you guys think of this case?

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