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Man Fakes Kidnapping To Hide Crash From Wife

Illustration for article titled Man Fakes Kidnapping To Hide Crash From Wife

I don't want to go out on a limb here and say that Jorge Mejia and his wife don't have a healthy level of communication in their relationship. That, or simple cowardice and stupidity, might explain why after crashing his Ford Focus (not pictured) on the way to a casino in Sonoma County, California he told the cops that he'd been kidnapped and had to crash the car to escape. Police were considering pressing charges against Mejia for making a fake report and his wife is likely considering castration after he not only crashed the car on the way to a casino, but also might go to jail for lying about it. You stay classy Jorge.


Man Allegedly Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Hide Car Crash From Wife [WTVD-TV]

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Meh, as long as it still runs who cares? It's an ugly ass piece of shit in need of some wigga' standing in front of it with a body kit pamphlet.

Icy Hot Stuntaz biatches.