Man-Eating Dragster Swallows Driver's Son

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A pre-race check nearly turns disastrous when this rip-snortin' funny car goes out of-control, ingesting the driver's son and sending him face-first into the belly of the bazillion-horsepower V8. Miraculously, the kid survived without any injuries. Here's how it happened.

Someone claiming to be the young man ingested on the YouTube page where this is posted offered this plausible explanation:

ok so heres what really happen........ a stud in in the supercharger came lose and got sucked in the suppercharger in turned cracked the case of the supercharger and lifted the injector and when the injector lifted it opened the throttle and make the car go foward..... its a good thing my dad reacted quick enough to get the car shut off.... so no the body didnt hit the throttle...... everyone is ok and we just need a new case for the supercharger so we are taking

It's a reasonable story, but we're a little curious if junior isn't being sent a lesson about doing his chores in a more timely manner.

[Car Domain via Autoblog]

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