The drivers here in D.C. are so terrible. None of them understand how a stop sign is supposed to work, and they like to crash their weapon-filled SUVs into government buildings to make political statements.

Well, I don't know how widespread the second one is, but it's what landed an Ohio man in jail this weekend. According to The Hill, 32-year-old Joseph Clifford Reel attached a wood block to the accelerator pedal of his Jeep around 3 a.m. Sunday, causing it to crash into a lamppost near a guard station outside the White House.


Reel was then reportedly spotted on a bike, and he jumped the fence at the Eisenhower Building, which is home to the Vice President's office and other facilities. Police captured him with a can of spray paint, and he told them he wanted to spray a "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnake on the White House complex.

And when police searched Reel's Jeep, they found that it was full of knives, machetes and 200 rounds of ammunition — but no guns, curiously enough. Needless to say, Reel remains in jail.

As f0r President Obama, he wasn't home at the time.

See? I told you people suck at driving here.

Photo credit Wikimedia Commons