Man On Exit Signs Shut Down Los Angeles Highway (Update: Dismounted With Epic Backflip)

Screenshot: @boreskes (Twitter)

Traffic on the 110 highway near downtown Los Angeles was ground to a halt on account of a man posted up on a sign. He seemed to be shouting and hanging signs of his own, apparently protesting pollution. Police and fire are already on the scene trying to coax the individual off the ledge safely.

Update 12:01 p.m. eastern time: The man, now known as “Dephree,” did a backflip onto an inflatable cushion set up by first responders and was taken into custody safely.


ABC7 noted that the man scaled the sign to hang his own messages. One of them appears to read: “GIVE A HOOT DON’T POLLUTE.”

Neither the local news nor police have reported anything on the individual’s mental or physical health. Obviously, we hope he can be brought back to Earth safely and get whatever help he needs.


NBC says the guy is “armed with a bullhorn.” First responders on the scene and the thousands of cars stuck sucking each other’s fumes are probably not too happy for him though. The CHP tweeted that the road was expected to be closed until at least around 10:15 a.m. local time, though it ended up being more like half past noon.

Fire department deployed some crash cushions in case he were to fall, and indeed it came in handy.

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I'm in the middle of some calibrations

This is the longest I’ve ever sat on SoCal freeway with my car in neutral and the parking brake on. At this point there was a brigade of firefighters inflating a giant cushion underneath him.

Edit: before anyone berates me for taking a pic while driving, the photo is courtesy of my passenger, as should be apparent by the fact it was taken from the right side of my car.