Man Carries Out Road-Rage Argument On Hood Of Another Car

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Road rage isn’t always the easiest thing to communicate with other drivers, since noise and traffic flow tend to drown out the words—unless, of course, a person hops out of the car and carries out the argument while riding on hood of another. That happened on Florida on Tuesday, making for some odd videos.

Bystanders and local businesses caught the whole incident on camera, which witnesses told ABC10 started with two road goers getting into an argument at rush hour. It’s hard to believe how determined the man riding on the hood is to get his argument across, so here are a few clips:


According to ABC10, witnesses said the man on top of the car was originally in a black sedan and got out in order to argue with the driver of the Volkswagen in the videos above. He wound up on the hood of the Volkswagen, and the video above shows the car making a U-turn from the center lane and cutting off another vehicle with the man still hanging on.

ABC10 added that another person tried to pull the man off of the car, but he didn’t give up. There are no reports of when the man actually dismounted from the vehicle, but odds are that he got his entire argument in before doing so.

An investigation of the incident is underway, per ABC10, but there’s currently no official police report. It’ll be interesting to see what they find, since it seems as if this guy was incredibly comfortable riding on the hood of a U-turning car.


But hey, it is Florida, where folks bust through walls in attempts to time travel and pull their kid’s loose tooth out by flooring it in a Camaro. Perhaps people are just not afraid of anything in those parts.

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