Here's a sure sign that you need new friends in your life: when one of them bites your ear off during an argument in a car.

That's what Bronx resident Floyd Warren has been charged with doing on July 4, according to Virginia's Free-Lance Star. The newspaper says police were called out to Interstate 95 near Thornburg, Virginia around 8 a.m. that day to reports that a man was running in and out of traffic with blood dripping down his face. Yeech!

A sheriff's office captain said that the victim was riding with Warren when the two of them got into an argument in the car. That's when Warren, let's say, slightly overreacted and bit his friend's ear off. He then threw it out onto the road.

The victim was taken to an area hospital where medical staff were attempting to reattach the ear, the newspaper says. As for Warren, he's been charged with malicious wounding and is currently sitting in jail.

I'm sure he'll get an earful from the prosecution. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Seriously though, this is so awful.)


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