Man Arrested For Motorcycle Shop Standoff Charged With Different Crime Entirely

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Brian Flatoff, the man accused in Saturday’s standoff at the Eagle Nation Cycles motorcycle repair shop has been charged for a separate incident entirely, writes the Associated Press. Prosecutors allege that Flatoff fired off a bullet into a woman’s bedroom wall while heavily inebriated the night before the standoff.

The AP writes:

The criminal complaint says Flatoff got angry after his friend Eva Lawson-Kranski said she was going to call 911 to get him an ambulance because he was stumbling around the living room. She said he ran into the bedroom with a .45-calier pistol, crawled onto the bed with a pillow as if he was going to put it over her face, straddled her and shot into the wall above her head.


It was after he eventually calmed down, Lawson-Kranski said in her complaint, that he decided to go to Eagle Nation Cycles to settle a dispute regarding his motorcycle in the morning. Unfortunately, Flatoff’s attempt to “settle” involved taking Lawson-Kranski’s Mac-10 handgun with him. Lawson-Kranski claims that she was woken up to a call about the standoff from her husband.

According to this latest report, Flatoff probably shouldn’t have been out there in the first place, as he now faces three counts of felony bail jumping. For the incident at Lawson-Kranski’s house, he has been charged with felony reckless endangerment and being a felon in possession of a firearm. His bond was set at $500,000 cash.

Flatoff has yet to be charged for the four-hour standoff at Eagle Nation Cycles, where one hostage was killed, and a bullet bounced off an officer’s helmet. Officers confirmed to the AP that the investigation of that incident remains ongoing, although Flatoff will likely face several felony charges from that incident.


Authorities are reluctant to release many details on the standoff, particularly in regards to Funk’s shooting. Police say Funk was armed when he left the shop and it remains unclear as to whether the gunshot wounds he succumbed to at a local hospital were from officers or from the gunman inside the shop.

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