Man Arrested For Choking Fiancée While Arguing About NASCAR Vs. IndyCar

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An argument as to whether NASCAR or IndyCar was better turned sour for one Indiana couple. According to Fox 59, David Wilson was so convinced that NASCAR was the superior series that he allegedly choked his fiancée over it.


Wilson’s fiancée was watching the Indianapolis 500 in the living room as he made dinner in the kitchen. They had been drinking all day up until then when Wilson started rambling about how NASCAR was better than IndyCar, walked into the living room and reportedly choked his fiancée mid-rant.

The fiancée tried calling 911, but he interrupted the call, yelling “everything is fine here” into the phone before hanging up on the 911 dispatcher.

Police then checked up on the couple anyway, but found no evidence of strangulation on the fiancée. Wilson claims that her trash-talking of NASCAR brought on the attack, but maintains that he did not choke her. He also claimed to be upset that she would not help with chores.

Police arrested the 57-year-old on allegations of domestic battery and strangulation.

Let this be a reminder on how not to settle an argument, ever. Both series put on a good show this weekend, and choking your woman over which one you enjoy more (or for any reason, really) is never okay. It’s silly enough when the drivers throw punches over a simple race. Turning a racing disagreement into a physical altercation is one area where it’s not a good idea to emulate your heroes, man. Racing is supposed to be a happy thing! A joyous activity! Entertainment at its finest! Not an occasion to choke anybody. Can’t we all just get along?


Besides, it’s highly unlikely that the cops will want to show the NASCAR race in the drunk tank.

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