I think we, humanity, can all agree that bus travel is the Number One Least Desirable Form Of Public Transportation. If it's not the passengers that get you, it might be the driver. Or the steering wheel.

The best part about this is how you can watch the steering wheel fall apart, in real time, as little bits and pieces fall off, everything gets looser and looser, and still, the driver doesn't care.


It comes to a point where the wheel doesn't seem to be doing anything at all, and finally it just comes clean off. But the weirdest part is how the bus driver doesn't seem to care.

Which has got me thinking. Has anybody else noticed that bus drivers, by and large, seem to just be an enormous group of nihilists? They throw their bus this way and that, half expecting you, the innocent motorist to move out of their way, but also half not really caring at all if anything happens.

The phenomenon doesn't even seem to be limited to other motorists, though. Buses routinely drive so close to the edge of cliffs as to show a reckless disregard for the precious cargo they hold. Yes, everyone knows dentists are sadists, but has anyone ever considered the perverse, abject nihilism of the bus driver?


Because I am considering that right now. I am considering it a lot.