Malaise Knocks Toyota's Copywriters Into Coma, '73 Celica ST Pitched As Economy Car

Illustration for article titled Malaise Knocks Toyotas Copywriters Into Coma, 73 Celica ST Pitched As Economy Car

The fact that no specific mileage figures are mentioned in this ad for a pre-big-bumper Celica shows that it's probably a pre-Arab Oil Embargo release. This makes this "economy car" pitch for the sporty-for-its-time first-gen Celica a bit puzzling.


I'm going to say this is a '73 model year Celica, but I could be off by a year or two. When you're done watching this ad for a car that just looks better with each passing decade, you can continue with a huge sampling of other fine Early Malaise TV commercials.

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Certainly looks like a lot more fun than the Dodge Coronet at 6min48sec. Jeeze that Dodge looks like a landboat chugging on dirt road water.