Make Sure To Secure All Your Belongings In The Cabin Of A Tesla S P85D

At least when you use it in "Insane mode."We gave the Tesla Model S P85 D's acceleration 10/10 points for a very good reason.

You already know that the fastest Tesla yet (that's about to get even faster) can pin a smartphone to its seat if you test its 3.2 second acceleration to sixty mph. But what if you go really bananas?


Dragtimes was nice enough to find it out for us, and putting a catcher's mask on the child in the back was certainly a good idea because no cupholder could cheat physics in this experiment.

I'm quoting Damon here:

There is no wheel spin. There is no drama. From a standstill it's epically violent; on the road, at speed, it's merely completely fucking nuts.

Talking of nuts, it's not in the owner's manual , but you would be insane to open a bag of peanuts in a Model S P85D.

Hat tip to Brooks!

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Are all tesla drivers Douchebags that do this with kids and on public roads.

I guess the D is for Douchebag.