Make Being Tough A Full Time Job With The Dodge Ram 50

You don't always have to look tough to be tough, at least that is what it seemed Dodge was attempting to illustrate in this vintage promotional video for the Mitsubishi built 1981 Dodge Ram 50.


In between mildly insulting potential buyers Dodge used this video to show off both the Royal and Sport models of the Ram 50. Two "Average Joes" were shown inspecting the trucks and inexplicably rubbing their hands on tires, dashboards, seats and especially the "distinctive tape striping".

The company also took every opportunity to drop their Gs while illustrating the ability of the Ram 50 to make "livin' even easier"—a point clearly demonstrated when the Ram 50 passed the admittedly pointless "transporting an egg on an X made of tape in a truck bed" test with flying colors.

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Cheap, compact, stick, tach, gauges, mileage, why can't I buy something like this today? Progress is going backwards.