Want to make a name for yourself in Asia? A plunging neckline might do the trick. If that doesn't work, try a cosplay of King of Fighters character Mai Shiranui. And if that doesn't work, do both.

This weekend, Model Wu Xi Er showed up at the Hainan International Auto Show, leaning on cars in a revealing outfit that resembled the skimpy threads that first made controversial model Gan Lulu famous.

Wu Xi Er also donned a Mai Shiranui cosplay—which seems to be a publicity stunt favorite. Earlier this year in Taiwan, model Yoyo made quite a stir in her homeland (and in neighboring China and Japan) with her Mai Shiranui cosplay at her photobook promotion. This spring, Chinese model Li Mengtian also caused waves with her Mai Shiranui.

Wu Xi Er is simply the latest to try out gaming's jiggly ninja. Oh my!

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