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What do you do with your Ferrari 612 Scaglietti after you've just beat it to crap toured around India in a 72 day, 7,000 mile jaunt? Well if you're Ferrari, you dump it to suckers on Ebay. The promotional trip known as the Magical Mystery Tour Magic India Discovery Tour was a journey around the sub-continent to increase awareness of the brand name. So how many Tata Nanos could have been bought for the price of the big prancing horse?


Well, at aroung $311,820 USD, you could buy something like 124 of the $2,500 Tatas. Actually, we'd rather go on the round trip from Mumbai to New Delhi with 124 Nanos than some Ferrari with an ugly paint job. Though, the money from the auction is supposed to go to some sort of charity, so it's for a good cause. We remember hearing our Jalopnik Bangalore branch was supposed to have a test drive of the 612, but that might have just been a day dream brought on by too much chicken makhani. (Hat Tip to Shrawan!) [ebay]

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