Macedonian Politician Driving Beckham's Stolen Bimmer?

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Remember that time a bumbling parking attendant let soccer superstar David Beckham's $200K armored BMW X5 get stolen? As you might have expected if you're on mushrooms and kind of psychic, it has turned up in the driveway of Gordana Jankulovska, Macedonia's interior minister.

How is this possible? The car was seized in the country and deemed stolen (I guess not a lot of Macedonians are driving around in $200K bimmers). When no one claimed it, the ute was turned over to the government who then turned it over to the country's interior minister, who promptly asked no questions. The interior minister is a fan and hopes to turn the car over personally in order to meet the Beckster, after which she's probably going to club him over the head and seize him for the Macedonian national soccer team.

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I bet she's got my Playstation and my iPod, too!