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Mac Mini-Equppified Infiniti M45

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Here's some sheer-wiz tomgeekery: an Infiniti M45 Sport packed to the gills with Apple-type gadgetry. Rockin' Stevie J.'s brand-spankin' new FrontRow multimedia dealy, it kicks out the sound via a Griffin iMic, with remote control via Bluetooth to a Palm Treo 650 running Salling Clicker. More control? It's got a Bluetooth mini-mouse for runnin' the compy itself. Using Rsync X via Wi-Fi the crazy thing syncs itself to the owner's home G5 at night for any noteworthy updates. We're waiting for the backseat wireless car-control joystick ourselves. [Thanks to Brooks for the tip.]


2006 Infiniti M45 Apple Mac-Mini with Front Row [DragTimes]

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