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Russians are setting up shop in Dubai to bust a whole new market wide-open: luxury garbage collection. And they've got the slick Scania garbage trucks escorted by a fleet of babes in supercars to make it happen.


Head spinnin'? Let me break it down for you, compadre: MAG Group Dubai is a LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE company. That's right, this is a hard-swaggering operation deserving of a caps-locked subtitle. But if you think they're only in it for the money, think again: "We do not collect garbage only, we bring people positive emotions and pleasure" says their Facebook page.

Gotta respect a trash haulin' team that puts in work to put a smile on your face.


If you're watching the video but still aren't sure what you're looking at, just wait until you get to the drop at about two-minutes in "...LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE!"

There's some more high-class garbage truckin' action in this interview with MAG Group founder and "garbage courier" Oleg Zhokhov, though I couldn't make much sense of what he was on about.

Hat tip to Tom Bird!

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