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Lutz: GM Considers Exporting RHD Mullet-Mobile To Australia

Illustration for article titled Lutz: GM Considers Exporting RHD Mullet-Mobile To Australia

The Aussie love may go both ways if GM's "Maximum" Bob Lutz is to be believed. He claims while we'll get a Four-Door Corvette our friends down under will get a right-hand-drive version of the Chevy Camaro.


According to Lutz:

"The Camaro at some point will be factory right-hand drive, that is what we are currently looking at with a great deal of focus; be built in the plant in Canada and shipped from here in right-hand drive for right-hand drive markets. Why not?"


Sounds to us like this means all RHD markets could be considered for sale of a big ol' tire-shredding V8 mullet-mobile.

Are the Muscle Car Wars going intercontinental? Who knows. What we do know from folks in the room when Lutz made this comment, is that the Holden PR person there looked wide-eyed and was shaking his head as if to say "what the hell have you signed us up for, Bob?"

[The Age]

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Anyone remember the Holden coupe 60? That was Holden's answer to a car like this, not that the Camaro is a bad car, I just like this car and see this as dashing all hopes of it (or something like it) being built.