Lufthansa Charges Traveler $2,700 For Grossly Abusing Lounge Access

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Lufthansa has charged a crafty traveler 1,980 Euros for abusing the privileges of a business class fare, by eating for free at the lounge in Munich airport, then leaving and rebooking his flight for another day. The man did this thirty-five times.

Video shot inside the Lufthansa Business Class lounge at Munich

The bill, equivalent to $2,705 U.S. dollars comes out to about $77.29 per visit. That's a pretty steep price to pay for a comfy chair, WiFi access, a few Loewenbraeu beers and a meal. Plus, I'd assume he also had to pay for airport parking while there, or at least a round trip train ticket for each visit. Then there's the hassle of going through security upon each visit. I've been through airport security in Germany post-9/11 and it's no less intrusive there than it is in America.

The man spread out his visits infrequently, but Lufthansa caught on and canceled and refunded his ticket after a year of not being used. At that point, he bought another ticket, with plans to resume his scheme. That's when the airline decided to step in and prosecute.

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Source: Bloomberg

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Poor Lufthansa, corporations are such vulnerable entities. There's no way they could absorb this loss of $3000, they'll surely go bankrupt. Remember, corporations are people too. What a monster for getting a few (no longer) free meals by gaming the system and taking advantage of their idiocy and ignorance. Let us all shame him.