Rapper Ludacris has partnered with Atlanta's Nissan South dealership to give away 20 cars to winners in an essay contest wherein they detailed their need for reliable transportation. See, he's just a big softie concerned with self-promotion philanthropy.

The vehicular prizes were awarded to the most compelling stories pulled from around 4,000 entries all making the case as to why theirs was a situation of greatest need. The giveaway happened over the weekend on "LudaDay" (known to the rest of us as "Sunday") where the contestants posed for pictures with Ludacris. According to the AP, Luda was taken aback after reading the essays telling of the struggles facing not-platinum-selling-millionaire-rappers during this latest recession. Ludacris urged fellow luminaries to also "Do The Right Thang" because during these "Hard Times" the "Word On The Street" is that walking around at "Two Miles An Hour" isn't going to help anybody "Rollout" of unemployment. (Thanks for the tip Wes) [Yahoo News]

Photo credit: AP Photo/Paul Abell