Who hasn't spent a few hours trying to decided what you would fill your fantasy garage with after winning the lottery? When William Stidham recently won $600,000 he knew right away what he was buying—the 1969 Camaro he had spent the last 20 years rebuilding.

Stidham had recently made the painful decision to sell his beloved project car (not pictured) to help with the mortgage on his family home and to finance his daughter's wedding. Upon selling the car the Washington State resident wisely made an agreement with the seller that he would be able to buy the Camaro back from its new owner if he was ever able to afford it.

When MSNBC spoke with Stidham right after he found out he won the $600,000 "Hit 5" lottery, he had already made plans to bring the car home. Although we're sure William was pleased with everything about winning big, according to MSNBC "he couldn't stop talking about how excited he was to get his Camaro back."

Photo Credit: RussBowling