Ahh, it’s Friday at last. The end of a long week. The end of a long two weeks for most of your humble, hardworking Jalopnik staff. Time to log off, kick back, crack open a Shiner Bock and... oh look! The low-ass bridge in Boston got another truck! Hooray!

America, the greatest nation on earth, is notable for two things: the low-ass railroad trestle in North Carolina and the low-ass bridge in Westwood, Mass. There are probably more out there, but these two seem to be the most famous.

The latter is the one we’re talking about today. By mid-June it had destroyed four box trucks this year alone, and on Thursday, it was able to add one more notch to its bedpost. (Or whatever it sleeps on. The ground, I suppose.)

The bridge has caution signs leading up to it. I believe I can say with confidence that they should be bigger.

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