Loverman To Suffer Heart Attack: BMW Shows Official Photo of M5 Touring!!!

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Yeah, I stuck my own name in the headline. From a dictionary: Gonzo is a style of reportage, filmmaking, or any form of multimedia production in which the reporter, filmmaker or author is intrinsically enmeshed with the subject action. Moving on; HOLY CRAP!!!! I want one, I want one, I want one@@@!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!. Yes, sure, I know about all the drawbacks and compromises and ill-mannered bad stuffs about late model M-Division cars. And I don't care! Folks, that is a 500+ horsepower station wagon with an 8200rpm redline. My left arm just went numb. My breath is short. I'm dying happy. Oh, and BMW is refreshing the sheet metal of the entire 5-Series lineup and some other boring, non-world's fastest five-door stuff.


BMW Serie 5 restyle 2007, primeras fotos [motorpasion]

Spy Photos: BMW M5 Touring [Internal]

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Dammit people! Stop putting Volvo and M5 touring in the same smacktalking sentence while I'm drinking Coffee! These stains are never going to come off my shirt now. Scuse me while I go laugh some more in the bathroom.