Love The Beast Trailer Details Eric Bana's Touching Love Affair With His Ford Falcon

Although Eric Bana only publicly mentioned he was working on a documentary about his '74 Ford Falcon for the first time at the Bathurst 1000 race this past weekend, we've got an exclusive first look at the trailer for the movie, titled "Love The Beast," set to appear in Aussie theaters in February, 2009. We've known about Eric Bana's love affair with his '74 Ford Falcon ever since news hit that the Aussie actor had taken the Falcon head-first into a tree during last year's Targa Tasmania rally. Now he's enlisted some A-list auto celebs and one not-so-A-list auto celeb to help tell his car-loving tale. Well, he couldn't just leave the Falcon sitting on the sidelines, no sense leaving it to rust as he'd already stayed true to it for 23 years. So Eric "Hoon-Hulk" Bana put together a documentary to provide the inside story of his dragon-like affection for the car, his mates and how he got it back together. For color commentary, Bana brought in the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Leno and yes, Dr. Phil. Why Dr. Phil? Well, when you've got a dragon in your pants for your car — even a monster of a beast like Bana's red XB, we're pretty sure Dr. Phil would have a problem with it. Silly, puny Dr. Phil, doesn't he know anything about cars? Bana smash!


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