A 'New' Lotus Is Coming, But What Is It? (Updated)

Lotus managed to sell 54% more cars in the last nine months than in the previous year, a sign that they're attempting to crawl back from near oblivion yet again. Simplify and skirt bankruptcy is what Lotus does best. The British carmaker also says they're ready to debut a new car at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Lotus credits the success to their expanding dealer network, with 25 new dealerships opened in the last nine month and 50 more in pipeline by the end of 2015. They're also say they're showing an "exciting new car" at Geneva.

At this point, all they say about their upcoming model is that "it will remain true to its core pillars of lightness, performance and driving purity by embodying all of them in a most desirable package", and that they're "quietly confident that it will accelerate the sales volumes in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia by considerable margins".


Can you imagine such a car?

Update: Autocar says it' a lighter, more powerful version of the Evora...

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