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Lotus released details on its US-spec Exige coupe, which will sell for a few shillings less than what had been estimated earlier this year. It's a bit of enthusiast bait for US buyers who've been clamoring for the fixed-roof, rigid-body version of Lotus's Elise roadster (as if a roadgoing Elise needed better handling) that Europeans have enjoyed on many a track day. The States will recieve a mere hatful of the hardtops, beginning in early 2006, of between 300 and 350 cars. The MSRP will be a sprightly $50,990, not including such options as traction control for $495 ($1790 with torque-sensing limited-slip differential); air conditioning delete (saves 22 lbs.) at $250 and "lifestyle paint" (read: dayglo) at $1200.

See Dubspeed Driven for the full press release.

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