Lotus Boss Says New, High-Performance Mid-Engined Supercar Coming In 2010

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Moments after unveiling the Lotus Evora, Lotus Group CEO Mike Kimberley announced the brand would continue its expansion with two more new platforms. This means Lotus will be shifting to a three-platform model, with the Elise and Europa on the smallest chassis, the Evora occupying the second platform and a new, high-performance mid-engined supercar on a third, expected to debut in 2010. To top it off, Kimberly stated all three platforms would be refreshed or debuted within the next five years.


Jalopnik Snap Judgement: Despite Lotus producing the Evora in a mere 21 months and they're expanding operations globally, given the size of Lotus operations under the guidance of Proton, this three-platform plan seems extremely ambitious. But the real news is still that new mid-engined supercar. Given the existing lineup, starting with a four-banger in the smallest chassis, and now the six-cylinder Evora, a V8 seems the logical next step, and a Toyota V8 at that (Toyota 4.7-liter, anyone?). Despite our fervent wishes to see the return of the Esprit, we think it's probably unlikely they'll drink from the fountain of retro, so expect yet another new "E" name to remember.


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Rob Emslie

What ever it is, I can't wait to see James Bond emerge from the sea in one.