Los Angeles Still Uses This Awesome 1952 Chrysler As A Parade Car

Have you been living in L.A. all this time without being familiar with the city’s flag? Jay Leno has, but that changed once this special parade car hit his garage. It’s been serving the city and the nation since 1952.

What might look like a stretched ‘56 Chrysler is in fact a 1952 model with a FirePower Hemi under the hood, built for the federal government for about $33,000 with two others destined for Detroit and New York to be used as a presidential parade car.


It’s 21.5 feet long, weighs around 6,000 pounds and was enjoyed by President Eisenhower and then-Vice President Nixon before getting a facelift at Chrysler in 1955. Suicide doors, a cramped driver’s seat, a trunk that opens backwards, a fake fuel cap and no roof but a wooden box full of flags, and a lot of umbrellas.

After serving America for 63 years, it still makes you feel like a councilman.

I agree Jay, all cars should come with external speakers. We like to party.

Photo credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

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