Los Angeles County Public Service Announcement

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Here's a handy tip for those in Los Angeles County who get fixit tickets for no front license plate. Only after rolling the Starlet through the Vehicle Inspection Station and paying the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 15 bucks to look at the front plate, did we find out the California Highway Patrol will perform this same inspection for free. As hard as it is to believe, the ticket issuing officer made no mention of this free service. The clerk managing huge line at the courthouse was the one that tipped us off. That line is where you will still have to wait forever to pay the 10 buck administrative fee if you get such a fixit ticket.

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I was almost sure I'd get one of those yesterday.I was using my friend's truck to haul off a load of cardboard (Arizona truck with no front plate pulling a California trailer).We have a local CHP guy up here in the mountains who's a real dick,and I passed him heading to the cardboard dump,thought for sure that a-hole would spin on me.

I've got nothing but respect for every other CHP officer I've met (even the two who gave me tickets I deserved),but any cop who pulls me over on private property before my tires ever touched the highway?Apparently it was "suspicious" of me to be driving twice through the RV park I live and work in before I headed to town (forgot my wallet,had to run back up to my house).Funny thing was,the sheriff's deputy he'd followed in here asked me the next day "Dave,did I see —— pull you over yesterday in the parking lot?",yep,"why?"I told him...."Jesus,what a dick!".