Although Volvo bosses said earlier this year he company was dropping its R-line designation for sport-tuned bricks like the slow-selling S60 R, an R-like sport pack may take some to the sting away. Back-of-fence talk focuses on a new Volvo sports package comparable to Audi's S-Line upgrades. According to Swedish site Bilfeber Volvo is working up just such add-ons for the new S40 and V50 models. They'll include cosmetics and mild performance kit (read: stiffer suspension, etc.). That may dovetail with a few rumored smokers, Motor Authority points out, including a sportier C30 hatch and a turbocharged V8 for the S80. Count them out of the performance game at your own peril.

Volvo R-Line [Bilfeber via Motor Authority]

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