Looks Like Some 2017 V6 Ram Trucks Shipped With Hemi Badges On Them Instead

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Citizens, be on high alert! We’ve just received word that certain brand-new Ram 1500 pickups that wear the Hemi badge might not actually have anything of the like under their hoods. A quick peek into the engine bay or a listen of the exhaust note should unmask these vile villains quickly.

The culprit is FCA itself, which mistakenly stuck Hemi badges on the 3.6-liter V6 models instead, reports Automotive News. The number of affected trucks is not currently known.


The fix is simple, though: all that needs to be done to correct this egregious error is to simply remove the dishonest badge, which FCA is already moving to do.

Good to see FCA owning up to its mistake. Falsehoods and lies will not be tolerated here.

via Road & Track

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