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Looking For a 1947 U.S. Army Beetle?

Illustration for article titled Looking For a 1947 U.S. Army Beetle?

Murph sent this in as a possible PCH car, but we think it deserves its own post. You think your '52 split-window Volkswagen Beetle is rare? Ha! How about this super-original 1947 Beetle in Allied Occupation Forces colors, which we first saw when the Loverman photographed it at a swap meet last summer? Yes, nineteen-freakin' forty-seven, when shivering Wolfburgers were still hammering together Beetles in RAF-customized roofless factories. Cable brakes, 25 horsepower, the works. It doesn't run, but what do you want for $28,900? []


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Rob Emslie


Yeah, but would you let your sister marry one?